i have a problem in my assembly program.
i have a problem with open and create files.
in my program i always open and create a new files ,but after 5-6 open\create ,the program stop working.
i think the problem is that my file handle is not available (after error ,ax=0004).
how it can be? 5-6 time its going very well but after thar their is an error?

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Review before posting, this is awful to look at
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Great, perhaps next time you could read the forum rules of posting formatted code before dumping such a huge mess on a message board.


Phew! Next time make sure you attach your code instead of dumping the entire 1.6K line thing on the message boards.


> i think the problem is that my file handle is not available (after error ,ax=0004).
According to THIS, the error code means "too many files open".

So I'm going to guess that not all your open's are matched with close's. As such you leak handles then run out of them.

Get the whole Ralph Brown list if you ever want to make serious use of such low-level programming.

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