I run Windows; only have Windows computers available to me. Now I need to compile a little C program for a UNIX-only web host. How can I get the program compiled so it will run under UNIX?

Any help would definitely be appreciated. :-|

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I've downloaded and installed CygWin. Ran it, entered GCC at the prompt. It said the command wasn't found. I'm now looking to see if I can find GCC somewhere.


yeah, you have to install it as part of the installation. It's in the Devel category when you're asked which packages you want to install. If you've already got Cygwin installed, just run the installer again, select that additional package, and then proceed with installation as normal. It will simply add the package to your Cygwin install.

Also, what version of UNIX is the host? (AIX, SCO, Solaris, HP/UX, Linux/FreeBSD)? That's important, as each one is an entirely different OS. GCC should have options for each OS for compiling.

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