Recently I downloaded Ubuntu v8.04 (Hardy Heron), and was delighted to find Python pre-installed. However, that pleasant surprise was soon dampened by the fact that IDLE would not run, and so I am left without a decent program for coding in Python. gedit works, but lacks pretty much everything except color-coding. Anyone have a suggestion?

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DrPython requires the wxPython GUI toolkit to be installed first, both should work under Ubuntu.

Another nice IDE is UliPad from:
Again this one requires wxPython installed. Should work under Ubuntu.

Hey vegaseat, thanks for the UliPad reference. I installed it on my Windows Vista machine, and I like it, particularly the snippet manager. Hopefully, it will work equally well for FreezeBlink on his/her Ubuntu machine! It works with a number of computer languages, and recognizes the code by its file extension.

Or, Geany. It's amazing, and in the repos. I highly recommend it.

Ubuntu seems to be one ugly beast, I have heard other poeple complain about it, particularly Python programmers.

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