I am an employee at Scottrade (competition with etrade if you guys have not heard of it) and they had me start out as an intern then joined the help desk starting this summer. In the fall I will be graduating from McKendree University with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems and right now I am interesting in eventually applying for a developer position. However, I do not know what I should say for salary requirement so in your opinion for someone with A bachelors degree, working with the company for over a year in St. Louis, MO and the following programming codes taken in class

Cobol I
Cobol II
C++ I
C++ II
Visual Basic

Any ideas what I should request for a salary for an entry level developer

>>Any ideas what I should request for a salary for an entry level developer
Yes, ask for at least $1,000,000.00 USD per hour :)

haha I am going to need an actual number... just in case I must submit a requirement

How about searching monsterboard or any other job site and see how much is about average.
We don't even know from which country you are, and the salaries vary a lot between countries. Especially with the weak dollar nowadays

$30k per year shouldn`t be too much in Montana for a soon-to-be-fresh grad.

But really, you should already know very well in your last year in Uni, how much can you ask for in your location.

Start chatting to some of the recent graduates. Start with indirect questions which might infer how much they earn, like what car they drive.
Then perhaps ask them what they think of the salaries offered by the company.