Thats the first time i started mess whit differents projects, and i got lost whit some things...very noob by the way...

first, in a windowed project, i noticed my couts are not showed in the screen, so, how i supose should test my code? to see the result of variables, functions, etc etc...

second, i found a thing that is very commom in video things, but i dont know what is, the "surface flags", what is a surface flag?

im using windows, visual studio2005, win32consoleaplication, empty project
i dont know if thats the right place to ask it, but im lost...

i know my questions are very stupid...but im stucked..

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> in a windowed project, i noticed my couts are not showed in the screen
Unless the program attaches itself to a console for you or you attach to a console manually in your code, you're stuck with the usual suspects: redirect stdout to a file or use a file stream, or use the GUI way of showing data by displaying it in a message box or on window text controls.

> what is a surface flag?
Edward hasn't heard that before, maybe someone else can answer the second part of your question.

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