For the final project of the year i need to create a digital image processor that removes the noise and increase the contrast in a digital image. Here are the requirements for the project:

Program Requirements

Input data: The values for the two-dimensional array will come from a file (rawimage.txt) which will be provided for you. Each line in the input file will correspond to all of the values for one row of the array (image) separated by a space.

1) The image will be displayed immediately after the Get Image button has been clicked. The image should be displayed without a space between the numbers.
2) The image will be displayed after the Filter Noise button has been clicked and the Filter Noise process has been completed.
3) The image will be displayed after the Improve Contrast button has been clicked and the Improve Contrast process has been completed.

Only the proper button for the current state of the process should be enabled, the others should be disabled.

Required sub procedure:
private sub displayImage()
This function will display the image array in the textbox and should be called to display the image after each step of the process has been performed.

This is all i have so far, and i know its not much at all but any help would be greatly appreciated it.

Public Class DigitalImage
Dim image As Integer(,) = New Integer(20, 77) {}

Private Sub imageTextBox_TextChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles imageTextBox.TextChanged

End Sub
End Class