I have a visual studio 2005 forms application that is giving me fits. I want to open a serial port in 1 form, set it to a com port in a class, then use it from that class. The problem is it gives my a null reference exception.

String^     comPort  = "COM" + this->RS232CommPortNum->Value;
int         baudRate = Convert::ToInt32(this->cbBaudRate->Value);
SerialPort^ com      = gcnew SerialPort(comPort, baudRate);

This is where I try and set it.

System::IO::Ports::SerialPort^ Rs232com;

in the .h and.....

System::Void Rs232::setRs232com(System::IO::Ports::SerialPort^ value)
Rs232com = value;

in the .cpp.

This does not work, it just raises in an exception. Does anyone know how to make this sort of thing work? Thanks.