(First Post of hopefully Many :)
This question is directed towards anyone who has worked with as400----> vb.net.
I was able to connect to the 400 with i-series and used an odbc connection to 'see' the tables on the 400. Here's where my newbish question comes in. There is a file out on the 400 that displays a rolling 12 month total for our customers/dealers. I have a fields list of this file, but am failing to find any library files in the Data source connection wizard much less the file (rcml01) I am trying to find. Am I barking up the wrong tree here in my attempt to pull this file from the 400 to vb? If I am, what direction or what keywords should I search for to find how to find the files or libraries on the 400. Feel free to berate me, as I am a fledgling programmer... but I will get there.... Thanks in advance for ANY assistance

Answering my own question here because I posted because I could find nothing.

I asked the question how do I read a file in a library on an AS400 server to vb.net 2008. My problem was in my system DSN I had created outside of my program. The "files" are actually tables, what I failed to do correctly is give my DSN the correct library to access. I was in the wrong library, and I was never going to find that file.

I needed to go to the ODBC Iseries connection, configure the connection and click on the server tab. The lbrary to use is listed on the 3rd txt field down and it is labled Library List. After changing my library to the correct one, I was able to see the file I was looking for.

Hope this helps someone, and helps me when I forget how to do this after not messing with it for six months.

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