I am a C++ programmer, but i am required to prepare a presentaion about Generics in Java

I need someone to explain this function:

public static <T> T do_something(T [ ] list)


Please show what every part indicates;
<T> indicates: .....
T indicates : .....
...... and so on.....

If, possible, tell me what wildcards mean in Java...

Thanks in advance ;) :D

if you're a C++ programmer the concepts and syntax should already be familiar to you.
They're quite similar to C++ (though there are differences in implementation).

we have just took some information about templates , but can you explain anyway :)

Apply that knowledge :)

Ok..... :(
Can you explain what wildcard means ?

I have read the explanation but i don't know... i just dont't understand it

another things.... what do we mean by elements of a class ... and components of a class ...
They are like what in c++ ???