I am working with the tutorial at:

Is there someone able to assist me in learning how to add a search functionality to the

above tutorial?

right now I am deciding if I need to transform th code (below) to the

@Action,actionPerformed(),and class extending (@Action) Task.

public void deleteRecord() {
        int[] selected = masterTable.addInputMethodListener;//getSelectedRows();
        List<splashtemplateda.Content> toRemove = new ArrayList<splashtemplateda.Content>

        for (int idx = 0; idx < selected.length; idx++) {
            splashtemplateda.Content c = list.get(masterTable.convertRowIndexToModel


in order to understand the code block above is this:
Using Introspection to Discover the Events A Bean Fires

a appropriate place to start? or is there a more efficient approach?

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