i have a problem creating games with C++, if anyone has a source code in C++, please share with me, i need help, simple game is okay

e.g: snake, arkanoid

i just need a source code for a simple game, without open GL or something like that (because i can't understand it)

before and after " THANKS a million....."

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There are also tons of tutorials on the subject, for both openGL and DirectX.

I really suggest that you search for them on google, and if you're serious, then possibly even get a book on the subject, because some of the topics in 3D graphics and game programming are considerably advanced (both mathematically and programmatically), so just looking at somebody else's code will really only teach you to copy, without providing a thorough foundation and understanding of how everything works...


It would be very difficult to write a game with C++ without the use of a graphics API like Direct3D or OpenGL. The only real function you have with Win32 programming is DrawPixel() (or is it SetPixel()...something like that). Loading bitmaps like that would be VERY difficult.


I made a game in Win32 but it was quite difficult. It is called the 'SameGame' or commonly known as bubblebreaker mainly for phones, It might just give you an idea of how difficult it is to make these kind of games using Win32.

So I see, You will never seize to surprise me. Thanks a lot.


hi...i need a game using c++ need sum1 to help me... could anyone lend a program on me?.......... please!!


Real simple game, anyone can play it

int main ( ) {
    if ( rand() % 2 ) {
        printf( "You Win\n" );
    } else {
        printf( "You Lose\n" );

> could anyone lend a program on me?
When exactly were you planning to give it back?

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