A simple used car market

Design and implement a used car market program.Store the following information for a car:

a. ID (unique, can be used as the key)

b. Brand

c. Model

d. Year of manufacturing

e. Driven kms

f. Price

Valid operations are add/update/delete a car and search. User will be able to search cars with multiple parameters (e.g. I am looking for a "Toyota", "Corolla", manufactured between 2004 and 2007 and whose price is between 18000 and 25000 YTLs). Your program should accept lower and upper limits for year of manufacturing, driven kms and price.

This is my project but i cant do it . Pls help me

This is my project but i cant do it . Pls help me

how did you get this far in life?

i ask in all seriousness, because surely this is not the first computer programming assignment you've been thrown. you must have done something prior to this.

which then begs the question, how many previous assignments have you just cut-and-pasted from the internet? and what you think you're going to do at a job interview?

it's posts like these just make me be sad ... and then i be all like :(

but you know, you can still make me be glad ... just post your program that you've got so far, and ask a semi-coherent question as to why _________ doesn't work like you think it should.

and then i be all like :)

now don't let me down, mmkay?


Yeah....I think this kinda software really helps automotive industry a lot. Because usually lots of auto dealers always have thousand of used cars for sale at their website and if any new customer visiting such website which has lots of data of used cars then we should keep in mind all the parameter by searching for a right cars would be easier for the visitor otherwise it could directly affect bounce rate.