Can you please help me with the source code solving this task under C++/G++ (linux) or dev C++ (windows)


Below you can see a hint for solving Exercise P14.1 but I need to write the source for Exercise P14.1 Please help me

#include <string>

using namespace std;

   Reverse a sentence.
class Sentence
      Creates a Sentence object.
      @param aPhrase a sentence to reverse.
   Sentence(string aPhrase);
      Reverses this sentence.
      @return the reversed sentence
   string reverse();
   string phrase;

Sentence::Sentence(string aPhrase)   
   phrase = aPhrase;

string Sentence::reverse()
   if (phrase != "")
      string c = phrase.substr(0, 1);
      string rest = phrase.substr(1, phrase.length() - 1);
      Sentence tailSentence(rest);
      phrase = tailSentence.reverse() + c;
   return phrase;

int main()
   Sentence greeting("Hello!");
   cout << greeting.reverse() << "\n";
   return 0;

There are a few errors.
1. In ur constructor u will have to use
2. then the header file for cout is not included
This shud solve ur problem.

Mynameisor is incorrect about point 1. But this is clean code that you have copied from the answer book. With your current pathetic knowledge HOW do you think you are going to get away with submitting it??

Where is you EFFORT? Not immediately obvious, so my effort is suddenly lacking.

To help you out a bit more;
To use cout you need to have iostream included

#include <iostream>

Also, don't forget to use
because otherwise your console window will close immediatly and you won't be able to see your code running : - )

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