Im developing a Issue Tracker Application in struts,I have one link 'view issue' which displays all the issues as a report, for each record one update link will be there, if we click on update link it has to go to that
particular record page with details from the database.

 <% while(
                    String issue_id=rs.getString(1);
        String desc=rs.getString(2);
        String assign=rs.getString(3);

<td><a href="update_issue.jsp?id=<%=issue_id%>">Update</a></td></tr>

Here when I click on the update link its saying "The requested resource (/update_issue.jsp) is not available". How can I display the other form with that particular record details.

and one more query is how can I display the selected value from the database into the combo box in jsp page.
Thanks inadvance.

I think that the problem is that it does not find the update_issue.jsp page. Probably has something to do with where is the folder where you have you placed the update_issue.jsp file.
I think that you need to specify the path at the link.
You should ask the same question at a jsp forum.

I don't really understand you second question, but if I understood correctly then you will need to put the <option> tags in the while loop where you read from the DB:

<select name="someName">
while( {
<option value="<%=rs.getString(1)%>"><%=rs.getString(2)%></option>

Thanks for ur reply..
Both jsp files are in the same folder, but in struts application can I call one jsp from another jsp (or) from ActionForward execute() (i.e java file)only shal I have to call this, if yes then how to pass these id in href link to that java file..

My next Question is how to display one item outof many items of dropdown box from the database into that dropdownbox

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