Here is my problem; I do not know hwere to start. I have written pswudocode before, for a currency converstion program but I am unsure if I am doing the same thing with this one. Can someone please just tell me how to start this, do like the main module, Input Module..etc or is it different?
For each of the following problems, use the top-down modular approach
and pseudocode to design a suitable program to solve it.
1. Input names of students from the user, terminated by ZZZ, and
create a data file GRADES with records of the form:
student (string), test1 (integer), test2 (integer), test3 (integer)
In this file, all test scores should be set equal to 0.
2. Display the contents of the file GRADES created in Problem 1.
Each student’s record should appear on a separate line and include
the total score (the sum of the three tests) for that student. For
example, a line of output might be:
R. Abrams 76 84 82 242

>>for a currency converstion program but I am unsure if I am doing the same thing with this one.

I don't know what you did before, but it appears all your teacher wants you to do is write more pseudocode, you don't have to actually write the two programs.

i dont ever write pseudocode, so i have no idea what the formal structure is supposed to look like, but if someone held a gun to my head and said "GIVE ME PSEUDOCODE"

... then here's how i would start.

define structure named GRADES
   with string element NAME
   with integer element TEST1
   with integer element TEST2
   with integer element TEST3
define integer Index = 0

while Index is less than MAXIMUM
   getstring username
   if username equals "ZZZ" 
      then break from while loop

      set GRADES[index].NAME = username
      set GRADES[index].TEST1 = 0
      set GRADES[index].TEST2 = 0
      set GRADES[index].TEST3 = 0

if Index equals MAXIMUM 
   then print "Grade Structure Is Full!"

(etc., and so on)

something like that


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