Hello.I have been using Microsoft Visual Studio 2000 enterprise edition and I'm having a problem with linking files.I have saved a file named as "class declaration.h" by default and another named as "cppfile.cpp" by default.Let me tell you how I actually started this.First I created a new project workspace and then a c++ header file.I saved the header file ( my compiler or vc++6 saves header files as .h by default not .hpp) and opened a c++ source file.I saved the source file too and then compiled and got only 1 error saying that my .h file didn't exit.I have tried all names like "class declaration" and "classdeclaration" etc but it doesn't work.I know file namea are case-sensitive but I don't know about whitespaces.Note that I have not installed visual foxpro or interdev... :eek: and what does the " erro spawning file" message mean?

I used MVS .net a bit and from that experience here are my suggestions:
1. Save files as "class_declaration.h" and "cppfile.cpp" in the same directory
2. Add both files to the project
3. When including class_declaration.h type
#include "class_declaration.h"
4. In your header file (class_declaration.h) start it with
#ifndef _class_declaration
#define _class_declaration
and end with
This will lower the chances of overflow by making sure the file is included only once and has no overloads etc.
5. Make sure the anything you refer to has a prototype in the header (just in case)
6. Make sure no other application is reading your file while you are trying to compile (that would explain your "spawning error"
Hope that helps..

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