i have a problem linking upthe files
and list.ct really do not know how to complie with list.ct whats the ct ?
anyway inside the list.ct, are templates.

it reflect linking problem..
i.e. [Linker error] undefined reference to `Tree::cleanUp()'


what should i save list.ct as?
because i can only save as .cpp file or .h files BUT NOT .ct files

This really has caused some major headaches..
hope some one can help.

I have save the file
as list.ct

but when i compile i still recieved a complie error

[Linker error] undefined reference to `Tree::cleanUp()'

Is there something wrong with the way i complied??
using Dev C++ as complier..
i mainly chose main.cpp, complied and run it (option)
or should i do something else before compliing it?

Problem solved..!

actually wad was needed to be done is to
include all files..
i.e. #include Tree.cpp
#include Tree.h
#include list.ct


nonetheless still do not know wad "fileName.ct" means... maybe the template??

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