Hey, this time I'm back with a threading error!

I need to write code that gets the address of a message sender while at the same time letting the user know that the pygame didn't freeze, so I started a thread to keep control of the screen while searching for a connection.

Anyway, while testing my threads in a test file, I kept getting this C++ Runtime or a "This Program encountered an error and needed to close." error whenever I called Thread.start().

I'm not sure why I'm getting this error, and would appreciate some help figuring this out!

Here's the code in case it's needed

from threading import Thread

Var = 1

class T(Thread):

    def run(self):
        global Var
        print "This is thread " + str(Var) + "speaking."
        print "Hello and Goodbye!"
        Var += 1

for x in range(20):

Your T object doesn't live long enough to allow the thread to run safely.
Create your T objects, then start them, then let the instance die.

Oddly enough that didn't work O_O. One of the times I did that and IDLE just closed without even giving off an error!

You also need to have your main program stay alive long enough for the threads to do their work.
Take a canonical example and work from there. I could look one up for you but we both have the internet.

Hmm.. Well strangely enough it works on my machine (XP)
From idle and from cmd.

Not sure what the problem is, but if you need to get the address of a messege sender then just do that in the thread (if it's sockets it will be safe)

I tried using a thread, but the game crashed once I used the thread.start() again. I'll try re-installing IDLE after school and see what happens...