any1 here know how to make a browse button?

that can browse files inside a specific folder and then playing it?

also what player should i use in my form?

only know Amovie.ocx but i still dnt know how to make or have an idea in making a browse cmdbutton

t.y in advance to those who can help me

You need to use microsoft commondialog control for the browse button and use the show open method and you can use multimedia control or windows media player control to play the file.

elow, ive figured out how to use the common dialog box by putting this code on the cmdButton


but how will i autoplay the file that ive pick??

pls help me on the syntax needed

if u r using windows media player :-

the syntax is:-


if u r using microsoft multimedia control :-

the syntax is :-


hope this will help you.


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elow if finish the prob,

thx to the two if you