Hi guys,

I'm working in C in PuttY server.I'm looking for a program that can display an interactive menu that interacts with the user and also display a clock in the top right corner of the screen.

So I need a program that can draw a border using C, and the menu selection should appear within this border.So its more like a virtual screen using C.I've got an idea on how to do it, but it would be nice if somebody could help me out.



What exactly is an "interactive menu"? One that talks back to you? And "interacts with you" ? A menu that shocks the keyboard if you do something wrong?

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Well ... if you have an idea on "how to do it" then post some code or at least a reasonably detailed plan on how you intend on approaching the solution.

Code talks ... everything else walks.

By interactive menu,I mean something like this

1.ls command
2.pwd command
3.who command

select an option..

But this should appear within a bordered screen, i.e it shouldn't appear within the prompt.I know it should be done using graphics.h and its set of functions......but it would be nice if someone could guide me through the process....


ls, pwd, and who are *nix commands while graphics.h is a MS-DOS heder file using TurboC compiler. The two can not be mixed.

You need to clarify exactly what it is that you want. If you can not, then you probably need to study C language more until it becomes clear in your head. Wold you attempt to build your own airplain if you don't know the first thing about it? Of course not. The same for programming.