Hi all,

I am a newbie of .NET c# programming.
I just take over a Data Recording System which use Visual Studio. NET 2002 (C#) to built a PC-based application, and use Ms Access 2000 as database.

I need to enhance a existing Windows Form that add more fields for user to input.

First of all, I add one textbox for testing, it works fine to save and retrieve.
and then I add the second textbox.... it's OK.

But when I add the third one. Error occurs.
When I click the SAVE button. It prompt a error message that "Expression too complex". So that I cannot save and add more input field to this Windows Form.

Do you have any idea and solution of this error.
I really need your help. Thanks.

The application is using OleDbCommandBuilder, DataAdapter.Update() for update, insert, etc.

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