PLese help in using crystal report in 2005

with the installation of the VB.NET u can select this crystal reports enable. so that u can use it. after doing the database and every thing u can get this report easily. if u want the steps. one by one i can put them as well. but up to now i feel this is enough

You should have a Help file in the VS2005. You can also download the MSDN . Study it, u will get results.
also u can go to this page
VB.NETHeaven/CrystalReports/Howto run CrystalReport using CrystalREportViewerinVS.NET2005 ----by Sushmita Kumari

PLese help in using crystal report in 2005

what helps?you don't describe what the problem is...
use crystal report viewer to use crystal report

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