I basically need a function that, after a certain amount of time has elapsed, will restart a program from scratch. This is because the code can get stuck at a certain point if wrong decisions are made. I am curious how to go about making this. I am sure it should be quite simple. Could I just use some sort of time function for this? For example, when time = 30 seconds since last restart, the program starts over?

By stuck I suppose you mean the program goes into an infinite loop or possibly even crashes. You should fix the problem instead of attempting to hide it.

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It could just hang waiting for some input which it's not getting, in that case we need to check the time elapsed and restart the program. Frankly speaking i cant think of a way to do it rt away, and i'm in a little hurry, but this was just to get AncientDragon thinking in this direction

Oh, you mean keyboard input. In that case you need to create another thread. The main thread should do the timing and the second thread the keyboard input. When time expires in the main thread, main() kills the keyboard thread then does other things.

I will say that you have to think the way AD thinks

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I will say that you have to think the way AD thinks

That would be a huge mistake :)