I am exporting 3 seperate Selects to a csv file. What i have is a button that when clicked I would like to have to export. The problem that I have is that I can only get one of the three to work. All three do work just not at the same time. So my question is:
Is there a way to do a multiple export of csv files with Python?
I am trying to avoid having to get the user to repeat the same action 3 times to get all of the information.


Could you be a little more specific on the details?

Could you be a little more specific on the details?

Sure can.
What I have done since my last post is create a group of radio buttons (3) and a button. Now the user has to select a radio button and push Export. Once the user pushed export the file download screen pops up and they can save the csv file anywhere they want.
The problem I have is at no time would they only want one file, they will always want all 3. So I was trying to only have one button, when the user clicks it the file download will pop up and they will save it to a local drive, once the dl is complete the file download would pop up again and they would save the second file. Once the second file is saved the file download screen would again pop up and they would save the third and final csv file.

Thanks hope that explains it a bit better