I am thinking about writing a program to compare MP3's in different directories that will compare file size, ID3 tags, bit rate etc. I want to be able to search the computer for MP3 files, then list them in a rich text box like you would see in windows explorer, showing duplicate files in another rich text box and be able to compare them. I quite haven't got to file manipulation in my C# class, I have already taken C++.
I also want to be able to select a file listed in the rich text box and get further info. I have read so far that I could possible use a FileInfo object to represent a file. How would I attemp to search the computer for them? As I find the files would I put them into a FileInfo Array? How would I get them to display in the Rich Text Box or any better alternative?
Not looking for somebody to do it for me, just give me some ideas/direction as I've never done this type of thing in Windows Forms/C# programming.



I wouldn't know how to compare the files, but I suggest maybe using a ListBox instead of a RichTextBox?
Also, back in VB6, if you wanted to scan a whole drive or something, I would use a For statement for each directory, and for each directory in that directory, and so on. Picking up mp3 files while scanning could be done by an If CurrentFile = Right$(".mp3").
Maybe this could be done in C#? I'm quite sure the substring() could be used to replace the Right$(). I don't know about the DirectoryList (it was a component in VB6).

I hope I helped a bit.

.NET has a nice set of File/Directory manipulation classes built right in. Check out the System.IO namespace.

Seth Webster

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