Greatings from the WarCraft3Campaign forums! We are at a bit of a dilema. The WarCraft 3 TFT WorldEditor is a very flexiable program, and the latest in big works is the workings on a custom MMORPG. The prople working on the Dark Crescent claim that they have a C++ programmer and he was able to create a program to do this.

What is specifically needed is a program that can look at certain variables and strings put into the system's memory as a cache (If you know where the game caches are stored, it would be even better), and either uploads that data to a certain FTP website, or adds it to a certain database. Then, when needed, it can take the stored information and put it back into the game.

Although this is not very clear, noone but them are sure of how it works, and I don't know if anyone but thier programmer really understands it. Our group is very close, but they have a head start with that program and won't share any information about it until their game is completed. However, it appears it will be a long period of time before it is finished and released.

Can anyone take on this task? There is no pay in store, except fame around the WarCraft 3 forums for creating it for the public. Will anyone volunteer to take on this task? If nothing else, consider it good practice of your skills for better purpouses in the future.

If it is of any importance, WC3 uses the JASS coding system to work it's trigger coding, in case anyone also knows how it may be set up from that end.

Hi..i am interested in this ....if you want we can talk in detail

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