Hi all......another question for ya all :S

Does anyone know of a way to monitor a change to a database,
Basically I need to write some code for my app that can detect a change i.e. table x has been modified in someway or table y has been created etc?

Anyone help me with this??


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Bascially take an image of that table before then an image after and compare.

Select * from table x

How would I do that though?
Also would that not be a huge overhead if your monitoring the entire db?

First & Foremost, Why On Earth Would You Want To Monitor Changes (Inserts, Updates, Deletes, Create Tables !) In The WHOLE Database ?

What Programming Environment Are You Writing Your Application In ? VB6 / VB.NET /C# etc

If The RDMS Is Oracle Or SQL Server 2005 (Standard) I Believe You Can Register Queries Within The Database To Be Posted Notification Events. Try Google "Database Notification Events" !!!!

FYI : I've Done It Using SQL Server 2000, Database Triggers, Extended Stored Procedures & A VB6 Application.

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