I have a router mamangement requirement that requires a log file to be uploaded to a tFTP server. I wanted to do this using a python script. I have not been able to find a tFTP open source library anywhere. Does anyone know the where-abouts of one?

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you might try http://tftpy.sourceforge.net/[/url]

Thanks for replying. I did look at the "sourceforgecode". But it looks like it only supports a download action in the client. I couldn't find any support in the source code for an upload action. It doesn't look like the server component would work either since it seems to requires a client on the target to pull the file. Perhaps I missed something. I'll send a request to sourceforge and see if they have a different opinion of their library's capabilities. I'll post any answer I get.

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Here is the response from the tftpy author, Michael P. Soulier, "Download was my first priority, so uploading is not yet implemented beyond a patch in the SF patch tracker. You could apply that patch, or you can wait while I implement it, or you can submit a patch of your own. :) I'm surprised at the demand for upload in TFTP, given its lack of security,
but I suppose it's safe enough on a private network."

I'll take a look at the patch referenced by Michael and post the results.

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