Hi there,

I haven't worked in Java for a while and I want to go back to it.
Can someone please recommend an IDE software that is good for Java Development. I am interested in struts.

Things like autocompleters would probably be very helpful.

Any responses would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You,

netbeans has auto-complete, granted a little slow. it now also has UML development. and the wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) swing is a plus, but not useful for everything.

i use bluej, mostly because my school does at the moment, and i like the code panel.

IDE's are usually used based on personal preference

i am unfamiliar with struts, a couple of sentences on the subject may help or i'll just look them up.

Another good java IDE would be eclipse, it has a lot of plug-ins available so you will probably find something to help you with struts.

and please don't use Struts.
There are far better alternatives out there, and pretty much everyone wants it to die a slow and horrible death.