I am working with payment system for that i want to implement Credit card read system.
I am using Magtek Intellistripe-65 (Magnetic Stripe Card) Card. I have write code for Opening Port & it is working. I am not able to open or access device. Please help me. I am using MicroSoft communication Dialog box (MSCOMM.Ocx).

I am having the same issue.

this is CHaritha
I have also having the same problem please if you get any information
do mail me
thank you

The Magtek Intellistripe 65 comes with a working example (check the Magtek 65 SDK's). I made a request for the source code in their forums. It was a VB Application.

We converted the VB Code into a .NET dll. Apart from this, you will have to create an registry entry for the device.

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