Hi everyone,

I am new to J2ME, so I would like to get some help from you guys. I am developing an application which needs to call some C functions. Normally I would use JNI, but apparently for CLDC cellphones only KNI is available. I am willing to learn more about all this, but I just want to make sure that I'm moving in the right direction:

- Can someone confirm for me that using KNI allows my Java code to call C functions even if the CLDC cellphone doesn't support C? That sounds not possible, but KNI claims that it works on CLDC cellphones (which typically only support Java if I'm not mistaken).
- Normally if I use JNI, I would create .dll (Windows) or .so library files (Linux). So what is the format for a CLDC C library file?
- Where can I learn more about this?

Thank you.

Ehmm this will sound bad for this forum reputation, but beside me I do not know anyone on this forum into mobile development (either J2ME, Symbian or C# for mobiles). Secondly I never tried to call underlying OS of mobile phone with C language. My suggestion will be try to ask on Sony Ericsson or Nokia forum