Afternoon all, I have taken up a task where end user should be able to enter information via vb interface into microsoft Access database. This then will be displayed onto the Datagrid via VB interface. The program needs to be setup in a way that first entry by end user will flash upon 3 hours.


VB Interface
Basket Number | Number of Trays | Run Type | Time In
1 | 1 | CNC | 15:00:00

Basket Number = Text Box (in Access field is set as Number (Int))
Number of Trays = Text Box (in Access field is set as Number (Int))
Run Type = Combo Box (in Access, field is set as Text (String))
Time In = Date time picker in Time mode (in Access field is set as DateTime (DateTime))

Values defined within database shows in this datagrid.

The Datagrid works fine and I can insert values into the database fine as well however, I am not sure how to setup a timer so that when 3 hours are up the first entry into the database(shown on datagrid) starts flashing.

This is needed so that the end user gets an alert when the time is up so that he can take the trays out of the oven.

In Summary: Can we really setup a timmer so that a value in the datagrid will flash at a particular time.

Many thanks



Morning guys,

right I added a timer to the form. The rows gets filled with yellow colour after a particular time however, all the rows gets coloured instead of only one or two (whose time limit has been passed).

any ideas how I can setup something where it colours only the row (not all rows but particular row/s) which has passed a time limit.?

many thanks



Maybe you could post some code for us to see? I imagine you need to refer to myDataGrid.Rows(i)...

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