I have this assignment to do and i am confused on how to start this one. I am very new to programming and it would help me out a lot to see how someone with some programming skill would do this one. I learn more from observation so any input on how to do this code would be great. I attached how it should look like once executed.

Good day. In your attachment i couldn't see how the output should be, but here some basic info:

<includes>//put all req headers here

using namespace std;
int main()

float fah
float cel
int go = -1;
while (go ==-1)

//Here you have a "cout" statement asking which type of operation the user wants to get done...
cout<<"Would you like to covert from cel to fah or from fah to cel?"<<endl;
//now You'll have the calculations accordingly
cel = (fah-32) * 5 / 9;
fah = (cel*9/5) + 32;
You'll need a few statements which allow for the user to input via keyboard their choice..

You'll need if/else statement to allow the program to continue running until the user no longer wants to continue...please post what you've tried thus far!

Thanks for posting so fast. I am just confused at where to start for this one and this helps a lot. I am going to work more on this and give you a buzz if i have any more problems, which i probably will!! But i appreciate it.

You're welcome...By the way, on your assignment sheet, it said the language was C, please don't confuse C with C++.