Posted it in the wrong place, sorry;)

Hello peoples, as you can tell by my name, ima newbie coder, and barely know the basic concept of a non object oriented scripting language comonly known as QBasic. I wanna learn advanced programming to make games, and random programs i may need someday (and plan for it to be part of my career). I dont know exactly how the site works, but i still need to find a C/C++ compiler, i might wanna work in visual, but i think its better if i learn in a non visual version. Based on my small knowledge of game engines, game engines are done in a non graphical way of scripting. It sounds dificult to me, but i wanna try to get to learn it the non-graphical way. Any ideas on were to find a free one? And how this site works, heard something about HomeWork? (Specialy made? or is it pre made in books?)

To summerize, i need to know a good compiler, and if you are the ones who will give me the homework? or if i find a book or something to gimme it and you guys help me? :?:

here is the website u can download compiler
go find dev C++ compiler and download it
i find this compiler is very useful for beginner

Thx a bunch, but not all of my question's have been answerd :rolleyes: so any idea about he rest of em?

>but not all of my question's have been answerd
It's rather difficult to answer "I wana be a l33t g4m3 c0d3r like John Carmack, tell me how to do it!" questions. Get a compiler, get a book, and start from hello world; just like the rest of us did.

Guess what slick. We aren't paid to help you. This is a volunteer effort. The more attitude you show when asking a vague question using poor grammar, the less time anyone is going to spend in answering it.

That was slightly rude, didnt mean it like that. Thx a bunch for the compiler, but i cant figure out how to get it to compile, heh. And i found a tutorial and started with Hello World! just like all of you. I can't afford a book, no job, im only 14. My poor grammer is the way i talk, please don't be rude about it ;P
And thankyou to all the kind people i've already talked to:)