Hi... I'm just a beginner in Excel and i have problem concerning building macros... would anyone be willing to give me few tips on how to create and a simple example of a syntax in a macro. Any help will be appreciated... :D

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what do you want to know about creating macros. and are you talking VBA im guessing you are. if you need some help jst ask a specific question. im not good at giving tips but i can help for problems :)


I don't exactly know how write macros... :S and really want to know what the syntax "sub" and all those types stand for... i'd rather u post an example if possible :D


well i will tell you how to to get to the vba stuff when i get to work today as i dont have windows or ms office on my home computers so when i get to work i will help guide you to get to the macro stuff. :)


I've got an accounting program I wrote (basically a General Ledger). I
have an option to send the postings to a spreadsheet.

I use a comma delimited file. This works fine.
The user can include up to 6 fields, the last being the amount field.
I want to be able to include a macro or something to total this last column
at the bottom of the spreadsheet, when it is imported.

Any Ideas.
Fields are:
Date, Journal, Reference, Description, Account, Amount

I don't send (currently) any formatting information, just a comma delimited
file with the headings as the first "record"

Thanks in advance for any help.


Got the answer (to my question above) on the PowerBasic forum
add a line

In my case whether I use F or another letter depends on how many
fields are selected by the user (amount if selected will always be last).
the 1 and 4 are replaced with beginning record number and ending record
number +2
(I actually use Val(EndRec$)-Val(BegRec$)+3
Then I simply change the width on the description and amount fields (in excel after importing) and viola.

BegRec$ is the beginning record selected by the user from the data file,

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