Could anyone please tell me a good place to start in making a generic and customizable media player in python. perhaps a tutorial on how to. I can't find much except for already completed media players by other people. I think it would be ideal for my college project, however i have only intermediate skills in python (We did one unit dedicated to it a semester ago). It would be good if someone could point me in the right direction to getting started. Cheers

I think you can use the Snack Sound Module for your project. Snack is a library that enables you to add media in your application.

Try this link :

All the best.

If you were just playing sound the module 'winsound' would do the trick if you were on a windows machine.

Thank you for your suggestions guys. I was so clueless about where to0 start

Just remember to find a lot of solution to questions just google it.
I know it is not always the best way but if you put 'playing sound in python' into google the first 3 results would fit your question quite well.
But anyhow no worries for the help. :)

Both pygame and wxPython allow you to play media files.

haha. I'm used to everyone being arseholes on forums. everyone here is so helpful. Cheers again

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