hi all,
i know this seems to be silly 4u guyz-but im finding it very hard(to figure out,what might b the result)....can anyone plz help m out...(for .net(1.0),vs.net(2003),vb.net)
1)can anyone tell m -how to make a copy of an exisitng webproject...
2)if i download project from website& i want to run that particular project(in my .net 2003)-then do i have to store that project in m local inetpub& wwwroot& exicute it(by opening project)...
3)if i click on say(webform1.aspx or webform1.aspx.vb)-whch is present in project(that i downloaded).but when i click on webform1.aspx-i get only html-codin part(but i cant see,design part.means how textbox,buttons..appears on page...)

can anyone plz tell mm asap....


Click on Design and u will get the design Part (if u have designed the WebForm)

But if u have downloaded from the WEB and want to open the Design window, u cannot do that, bcoz only HTML part is downloaded, .aspx's Form Design part will not be downloaded..


veena thnks 4 quick reply,
but wht if,i want to view-hw the particular downloaded prjct wrks?
And wht abt the prjct copied from within system,which all the files du i have to copy-2 make m prjct wrk

Hi Preetham,

Whatever u download from Web, Just comes with HTML format, If u have the Complete Source Code of the project, then only u can View the Design and How can see how it works..


yes i do have complete source-code-i mean i downloaded a project from source-code website.In that particular project it has(.aspx page,.aspx.vb page,global.asax,webconfig file).but when i click on .aspxpage-i can view only html-coding part but not the design part.
why is this-i hope now ur clear wth m queries?

I cant view the design part-thats what im tellin u!!And is there any version -conflicts between(visual studio-2003& 2005,i mean the code written in 2003 will work in 2005 or visversa ?)...


what version of .Net u r having..?
u can open version 2003 in 2005, but not the reverse case.


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