im fairly new to vb and wat i have to do is a very complex assingment.
it will be a great help if this query is answered.
i have made a form with 2 textboxes and a save command button and a database in ms access with 2 columns
all i want to do is transfer the text i type in the textbox to the datagrid ( which i have kept invisible) which will then be stored in the database when i click the save button
hope to find an answere

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hi all...

im doing a project & there im having some text boxes & two data grids; @ there when i select an item from the drop down list; the related records in the data base will display in the text boxes. & i want to update some records to the data grid when i click on the add button.
If anyone can, pls tell / teach me how to add text box values to the...

pls help


Udaraps, it seems that you have raised the dead by posting a question to a thread that was posted in 2008. Please read our posting rules, and create your own post.

As far as your question is concerned, once you click the list, populate the data into the grid. Make sure the Datasource property is set to your ado or control you are using.

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