Hi, does anyone knows how to write a simple telnet client aplication in VB .NET Visual Studio 2005 ?

I've looked and downloaded a lot of stuff but still don't find anything that really works.

All I need is to connect from my App. to Unix via telnet and run some commands. To automate some tasks.


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You need to learn how to write network programming using Socket .

Use the socket to connect to a host by ip or resolve the ip by DNS search , and to the port 23.

Upon connect you need to parse the user input as a prompt .
It will be better to use the prompt returned by the ip ur connecting to .

Look in the MSDN for a simple socket application.
Hope u will get the idea.


Yes thanks, I know a little bit about telnet stuff.
I've donwloaded a lot of sample code and read MSN documents but still dont find something with the right information.

By now, I succeeded to connect to the server, but i dont know how to negotiate the login process. Also I cant format to ascii the response the server gives me. I try with the function Encoding... but nothing works..

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