I was wondering if it is possible to have people create accounts with passwords and be able to login in to them within a C++ console app without using SQL. Like winsock or something.

you don't need an SQL database to save and access user account information. You can do it with simple text files. Why do you think you need winsock? Just use normal file i/o techniques to read the text file, find the user's id, read the associated password and compare it with the password the user entered then logging in.

yes but I am not just reading it from a text file on a local machine I want to be able to read a text file on someone else machine across a network. That other machine would be the server. thats why i am asking if i need to use winsock or sql

Apparently, he is thinking of hacking SQL Server by some C++ code !

Planning this, at least he needs some detailed knowledge about xxxx_getinfo(), . . .


p.s. he is kindly invited to post again on database forum.

so how can you get a C++ console app to connect to an sql serverm, or is that not possible

Of course its possible, I've done it several times using ODBC device driver. There are several c++ ODBC classes to make that easier, some are free while others are not. Just google for ODBC c++ classes and you will find them.

ok thanks, so with ODBC do i set up an mysql server on my computer and than use ODBC to connect to it?

you can set up the mysql server on any computer you want to on the network. Then when you install the odbc driver on your computer you tell it which computer the mysql server is running on.

ok so the ODBC driver is not code its a separate installation?

ok i have that installed, so once i get an sql server installed can I just used ODBC classes in my C++ code to connect to that sql server?