hi to all

Does any body could help me how to blink the text of my button or even blick the background color.

Thanks in advance

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Blink is the single most annoying tag ever made. Don't learn how to do this.

using timer.
in timer event you can change text color.

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Hughv is right, use it only as an alert. Turn if off as soon as possible.

Thanks to all of you, I explain it to my client. The reason is, I have a lot of buttons namely of floors of the bldg, what they want is if they hit the process button and it will successfully match with the condition, those some button will blink as a markings. What would you suggest as alternate?

Thanks a lot

if successfully then give a message.

thanks for your immediate reply, give the message is not advisable because the exactly want of my client is if they hit the button namely (deliquent) and the owner name of that floors included to the deliquently computations, then the button with name of floors will blink. let say button 101, 102, 103, 104 108,109 is the list of deliquent, so it will blink.


When the flashing buttons are clicked then turn off the blinking. Blinking is good to draw the eye to something that is happening but annoying when goes on for a long time.

As was said above set a timer, when the timer expires change the color, and then reset the timer, when it expires again change the color back to the original. I would probably set it in a small loop that counted up to 5 or so, the color will flash a few times and then remain highlighted in color. Blinking objects can be aggravating (as mentioned) but if they flash and then remain marked it will grab the users attention, and the now colored control acts as a flag of sorts for the user...

You can try creating your own Control and define the events and properties as you want them to be.

I guess that will help you as you seem to need multiple 'blinking' buttons.

Hi ScottM,

could you give me a sample code, I am a newbie with this environment.


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