I want to make a matrix like this:

System::Drawing::Drawing2D::Matrix^ L;
L=gcnew( System::Drawing::Drawing2D::Matrix::Matrix(rect,plgpts));

rect works properly but not plgpts
plgpts is an array of Points.
So I make that:

cli::array<System::Drawing::Point>^ plgpts;
plgpts=gcnew(cli::array<System::Drawing::Point, 3>);

and I have this errors:
Error C3149: 'cli::array<Type,dimension>' : cannot use this type here without a top-level '^'
Error C2748: managed array creation must have array size or array initializer

I don't know how to solve it.
Could anyone of you help me??

Thank you in advanced!

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Which header file library are you using?

there is nothing, only this.
#include "bwlabel.h"
I want to call this method bwlabel in Form() but I am implementing it appart

Thank you all, at the end I have found a solution!!

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