I feel it's time to cast my line in here... I'm just about to embark on some GUIing myself and I have but one requirement thus far: I must be able to use cWinThreads or inherit from cWinThreads in order to control my processes.

My program will be used to demonstrate processor use by a function in a MATLAB compiled DLL running off of a thread. In my GUI I will need to have a simple way to set the application priority and thread priority and I'd like a pause button, quit button, and one of those durn nifty progress bars... I'm not supposing there's any way to get the open source GUI business to play nice with MFC cWinThreads so I just wanna know one thing:

If I were looking for some tutorials on designing a MFC GUIs for a dialog window app, where would I go? Where did you learn, Dragon-Man? I must go to the source of MFC's brainwashing... (Google has proved rather fruitless... I found one tutorial the other day, but forgot to bookmark it (because it was carp))

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Please don't bump a three-year-old thread to ask a new question.

My mistake, I was searching the archives for some clues to GUI creation -- felt it would be a good idea to research a bit before asking questions... guess I missed that bit on piggybacking in the rules section. :-/

Here is Microsoft's Scribble tutorial that was written for VC++ 6.0 compiler. I see its also available for CLR. What you describe that you want to do isn't very difficult to do with MFC, its just a matter of learning how to use VC++ IDE and add the standard MFC controls to a form. The graphics part is just drag-and-plop onto a form.

You should also bookmark (and join) www.codeproject.com because they have hundreds of code/examples/forums devoted to MFC and Microsoft computers.

It will take 3 months to a year to get pretty good at writing MFC programs and learning how to navigate around MSDN.

>> Where did you learn, Dragon-Man?
I started out with the tutorial I posted above then bought a couple books from my local book store.

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