So I was running a simple python program in IDLE, and I got this subprocess error. I looked it up on Google, and found much information about it. None of it really got me anywhere. I think the error has to do with AVG blocking IP (I am using AVG) I can't find anywhere to allow a certain IP address with AVG. Does anyone have a solution?

The error is like this:
socket error: connection refused
IDLE's subprocess didn't make connection. Either IDLE can't start a subprocess or personal firewall software is blocking the connection.


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yeah i get this error a lot. What i do to fix it is to go Ctrl+Alt+Del and then go to processes and then stop and python process.

Hope that works! :)

IDLE does hang up on some of the computer's firewall settings. My suggestion is to drop the old bird and go with something modern like DrPython, SPE, PyScripter, UliPad and so on.

For the last program which I wrote in the IDLE, a compiled python file got generated and from then this error came. I deleted the compiled file and along with it the program file which I wrote. (save ur program in some other notepad file before deleting). And again I restarted the IDLE and it worked. Now I am able to use the IDLE normally as before. I hope this may work for you. Good luck.

Everyone, this error was irritating the crap out of me and I couldn't find a reliable answer anywhere. My coworker is (hopefully) posting the answer on, but our students were naming their files things like (or other 'reserved' python names) which apparently gummed up the whole subprocess inner workings of IDLE. This happened on Mac OSX with Python 3.2.2 and students were saving in the documents folder.

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