this time i got mad because i didnt even got a single answer from your site
regarding shortest path.
please tell me how to embed vb.net and C++.
can anyone please tel me the code of dll import function??
Vb.net at the front end and coding in C++ at the back end.

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Umm, you did so get answers to your shortest path query.

Getting mad won't help you get help here.

Google is your friend, in 10 seconds you'd have found a wealth of information on shortest path algorithm and code samples.

As to current problem, again, you can find a plethora of tutorials and samples out there. This is one I believe helped me when I needed solve a similar problem a while back.


Actually google is just give me the pseudo code or full fledge code..
which i dont need i want to create my own code with few changes..
so need help from sum instructor..
anyhow thanks for ur time..


I responded to your question, as did Jishnu. You posted 350 lines of code, but gave a very vague question which suggested to me that you did not know exactly what you wanted. I suggested some questions that I felt needed to be answered that could clarify both to you and us what you wanted, then we could go from there. I'm not going to go through 350 lines of code trying to find your mistakes when I can only guess what exactly the program is supposed to do, what you know how to do already, and where the mistake is.

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