I am trying to use the 'find' command of twill from within a python code but it seems to return no result. I tried to run that command on the command prompt by running twill and it works fine. But when I try to run the same command from a python code, it returns 'None' as result.

My code is as follows:

-- trial.py--
from twill.commands import *
from twill import commands

print find("Email")

This returns 'None' on the command prompt when I run trial.py from the command prompt.

Any help or suggestions will be very helpful. Thank you.

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I know nothing about twill, but find "EMail" in what? You would also have to give it a file name or a string, etc. to search in. You would want to tell it if you want a search or a match as well. Looks like Google time. Also, see if Twill has a forum or mailing list that you can search.



I encountered another problem while using twill from command prompt. I have a website which uses a "check_password" page to check the user password entered for login. If the password is correct, the user is automatically redirected to the home page of the site. This works fine in any standard browser, IE, Firefox, Opera... But while using twill, twill stops at the "check_password" page. This page contains no forms, no links, nothing. It just includes some javascript files and calls a function which is used for redirecting the browser. I dont have the source code for the javascript files. I know that a javascript function is called because of the "show" command that I used from twill command prompt, which showed the html of the current "check_password" page.

I checked with another site that used such "check_password" page and twill stopped at that page too. I dont have the source codes for these sites. I am simply using twill as a text browser to view them.

Any workarounds for such a problem ?

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