Hi all,
Could not work out if this belonged in the c++ forum, or the python forum....
Basically, I am writing an application in c++ which embeds python. The annoying thing is that I have no way of knowing in advance what version of python will be installed on a users machine, so I dont know in advance which python .lib file to link to and forcing a python version is not an option...
In this type of situation, I would normally just use LoadLibrary to pull in the dll, after my application figures out where the .dll file is etc...etc. In general, no problem: BUT - Python only ships with .lib files rather than .dll files.
Does anyone have an idea how to work around this?

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Every version of python I've ever gotten (including the last three) came with DLL files.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>dir python*.dll
 Volume in drive C is Ceres
 Volume Serial Number is 0000-0000

 Directory of C:\WINDOWS\system32

02/08/2005  05:23 PM           979,005 python23.dll
10/18/2006  09:35 AM         1,871,872 python24.dll
02/21/2008  01:11 PM         2,117,632 python25.dll
               3 File(s)      4,968,509 bytes

You are using Windows, right? Because Linux doesn't use DLLs natively.

Right....was expecting the dll to be in the Python installation directory...feel a bit thick now! Thanks for pointing it out:$

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