Is there any inbuilt function in C language by which one can directly access image contents?

This would seem to be a good place to begin your research.

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You can use game libary, just like Allegro, gtk+. Functions that belong these libary can load image and sound...

In Win32, nothing is needed.
All formats are native.

You can read image files in your program in a standard way, if you want to write the reader yourself. is a good reference for this, as already mentioned.

Or you can use a library to read image files into your program (which I would recommend). I can think of at least one such library:

Displaying images requires a library for sure. You can use SDL and SDL_Image or Allegro (cross-platform graphics libraries) to do this, or the native Win32 API (which is really a library too).

I only personally have experience with the SDL -- if you want help displaying images in the SDL, I'd be glad to provide it.

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