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I have a list of 10 numbers in a array and want to sort them. Basically I am using a "quick sort" and want to swap 2 positions in a array. But Im stuck with the code for how to do this.

My code is written below. If anyone has any ideas, it would be a big help. The line I need is with the comment //help me towards the bottom.


#include <iostream>
#include <string>

#define MAX 10

using namespace std;

// declare a function to perform the sort
void qsort();

int array[MAX];

int lower, upper, PivotPos, PivotVal, f, b;

int lVal, temp;

// main program
void main()

	// enter the numbers into the array
	int x;
	for(x=0; x<MAX; x++)
		cout << "\nEnter a number ";
		cin >> array[x];

// call the quick sort function to perform the sort on the global array


// display the sorted list
	int j;
	for(j=0; j<MAX; j++)
		cout << endl << array[j];
	cout << endl << endl;
// end of program

void qsort()
		if (upper==lower)
			{ // do nothing
			if (upper-1==lower)
				  // help me	

				while (f<b)
					while (array[f]<PivotVal)
					while (array[b]>PivotVal)

Here is some pseudocode to swap two items in an array indexed by i and j. TYPE is whatever type of data are in the array.

TYPE save = a[i];
a[i] = a[j];
a[j] = save;
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