i have developed an application which uses TRIM command and MSCOMM command.
When i am running the exe file in any other computer, error shows in TRIM command.Error shows some component missing. Then i loaded VB 6.0 in the new computer still error continues. Then i tried my software in 02/03 computer error is still there. My package only works in my own computer. With the help of package and deployment wizard i made an installar package, it is not able to install in any other computer.
Can anyone help me solve this problem.

copy the DLL or OCX you are using to develop the application to target systems and register those with windows using REGSVR32 command.

Why dont you try Trim$() function Instead of Trim()

Thanks, for the help the problem is sorted out by registering.Do i have to do this procedure for every system, any permanent solution?

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